CEABIS is a leading company in the medical and health refrigeration industry, in the furnishing of supplies for morgue and obituary and in manufacturing and distributing medical and funerary products.

Ellegi di Breda Paola has been more than 30 years of business devoted to the upholstering of coffins.

Oscar Marta has been planning, building and marketing cemetery equipments and products mainly for public bodies.

PadovArte Funebre is located in the Veneto Region, 30km to Venice. PadovArte Funebre offers a wide and updated production of funeral furnishings craftmanlike articles, from custom-made embroidered veil to internal lining to dec...

Stragliotto Spa is a leading italian company in the production of funeral coffins.

Vezzani Forni Srl is an italian company leader in the design, construction and installation of crematorium furnaces for the human and pet cremation and incineration plants for the incineration of waste from hospitals, laborator...

Vezzani Spa was born in the late 1943 when it was decided to start industrially the production of cemetery accessories in stainless steel, that was already a family tradition.

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