Stragliotto SpA

Via Bassano , 56 - 36028 Rossano Veneto (Vicenza)
Europe · Italy
  • funeral coffins, funeral coffins producer, hand carved coffins
  • 1941
  • +39.0424.545911
  • +39.0424.540371
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Stragliotto Spa is a leading italian company in the production of funeral coffins.


Stragliotto Spa, founded in 1941, in one of Italy’s areas which has mostly developed through the years the high qualities of cabinet workmanship linked to the artistic history of Venetia.

Over the years, the company has maintained and enhanced a high qualitative standard that, if, at one stage it referred itself to the local artisan’s craftsmanship, today, it is the result of the research in raw materials and of the specific technologies of the sector.

Both in the national and the international markets, to which a 20% of the production is destined, Stragliotto distinguishes itself for the constant commitment and for the excellent relationship between productivity and the quality of the finished product.

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Location: Europe, Italy

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