Ceramiche Larry S.K.G. produces articles decorated by hand, either for the furnishing sector, with flowery baskets, vases, columns, mirrors, etc., and for the religious sector with different kinds of statues.

Ceramiche Millennio creations, entirely hand-crafted, also avail of expert collaborators, each one of them in a specific production branch.

Degrea proposes a wide range of products characterized by a unique style: jars, pots and bowls typical of the Tuscan tradition, classic Italian style terracotta, pots with a sober and antique appearance.

Fratelli Bovo, a historic firm founded in 1977 by Ivana e Luciano Bovo, was started and consolidated in Trissino, flagship of the goldsmith district of Vicenza, the world capital of jewellery.

Lucchetta Armando is a leader italian jewerly manufacturer.

MPM Porcellane was born in 1977 with the intention of bringing something new in the field of interior decoration.

Venere Porcellane produces porcelain Capodimonte figurines, hand made sculptures in according with the Italian Capodimonte style.

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