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  • cold rooms for bodies, body transport trolleys, autopsy tables, washing sinks, coffin refrigeration, mortuary chapel furnishing, temporary graves, exhumation products, cinerary urns, coffin accessories, cemetery equipments
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CEABIS is a leading company in the medical and health refrigeration industry, in the furnishing of supplies for morgue and obituary and in manufacturing and distributing medical and funerary products.


The wide range of Ceabis' products can be divided into 2 large macro areas:

  • Supplies and equipment for the setting up of anatomical rooms and morgues
    in this area our strength is to provide a complete service from consultancy and design to the construction and installation, up to post sales technical support and maintenance.

  • Hospital and funeral items. A complete range of products to meet every phase of funeral service
    from the recovery, storage, preparation and presentation of the body, until funeral and burial.

The combination of the ultimate technologies available with the expertise of the operating staff, allows Ceabis to reach the highest standard in term of quality even from a stylistic point of view.
UNI EN ISO 9002 certification assures the most elevate standards and quality procedures are observed in order to provide only excellent products and services.
Today, Ceabis is operating in all the CE and in some extra European markets as well. Recognized also in the Middle East and South America as a leading and valid supplier.

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