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Biquadro design and produce sheet metal components for complex and elaborate projects. The engineering team of the Technical Dept is prepared to assist and advise the customer during all the process of designing and manufacturi...

Faces SpA is specialized in the production of castings in low alloy steel castings, high alloy steels, high temperature steels, duplex stainless steels and nickel-based alloys.

Ferriera di Cittadella is a world leader in the production of saw blades for granite. Established in 1956 for hot rolling of steel, it produces hot rolled flat bars and saw blades for cutting marble, stone and granite.

Matrix has been manufacturing tools for punch presses and iron workers for over 25 years, investing on best technologies.

Mobilfer is a manufacturer of metal structures and equipment for warehousing and other sectors.

Promotec builds machines for sheet metal process with Laser , Plasma, Flame Cutting , Punching and Drilling , technology. Promotec have been installed hundreds machines in the world characterized by a high level of quality and ...

WWM has consolidated its place among the most important companies in the design, production and assistance of systems for drawing and re-spooling of all types of metal wire, with specialisation in CO2 welding wire.

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