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La.So.Le. Est, since 1962, produces wood flours for industrial applications: tanning-furriery, building, plastics, chemicals, abrasives, filtration, paper, detergents; and produces wood shavings / woodchips for animal breeding: horses, fowl, pigs, rabbits and dogs.

Carpad SpA was set up in 1983 as a paper converting company and later in 1987 started producing paper bags.

Cartotecnica Rossi is the manufacturing leader in Italy & Europe of Top Quality Crepe Paper, Metallic Crepe Paper, Tissue Paper and Metallic Tissue Paper

Corà has been operating in the Italian and international markets since 1919. The company based in Vicenza, with its continual development over the years, today represents the "economic and production history" of the Italian wo...

Edillegno operates in the veneers world with professionality and always renewed enthusiasm, gaining the image of great tradition among the market and trust in its product among its clients.

Profilegno srl was founded at the end of the 1970s in Quinto Vicentino and since then it has been processing raw material from all over the world to produce one of the best prefinished wood floors.

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