Claire Spa produces cosmetics, aerosol and medical devices for third parties.

Isomed was created in 1997 with the objective to produce and market Titanium implants and high-technology dental components.

Alluce Valgo Solution®: a technologically innovative sock essential for anyone with bunion or has a tendency to developing it. The sock favours a better footwear wearability and an active care is obtained from the differing we...

For more than 30 years Medico SpA have been working in cardiac stimulation with the aim to guarantee to physicians and patients a high technology standard.

Phyto Performance Italia Srl is an italian manufacturing company which dedicates its production to first aid equipment as well as to the wellness of professional and amateur athletes and sportspeople.

Termoletto Italiana Srl started to produce mattresses for bedsores preventionin 1990. Made in Italy is our key strength and for us it means quality, safety and dynamism.

World Work is an italian company that produces from 1984 dental consumer materials of the latest generation for dental use : disposable saliva ejectors and dental alloy.

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