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Vezzani Spa was born in the late 1943 when it was decided to start industrially the production of cemetery accessories in stainless steel, that was already a family tradition.


As everybody knows the main material of the funeral art is bronze because of its qualities of long lasting life and its tradition, Vezzani thanks to the introduction of steel made a very important step in the sector because this material allowed to overcome all the difficulties given by the chroming of bronze.

Since then the quick growth of the company was possible with the development of new items with different variations and thanks to the industrialization of the production, form the most ancient and refined method of the lost-wax casting, to the sand casting to arrive to the die-casting allowing to produce on large scale huge quantities but with low prices and quality.

During years Vezzani has always been the forerunner inside its own sector introducing important new items that have allowed it to become the leader company that is now on the market.

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