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  • 2014
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Vezzani Forni Srl is an italian company leader in the design, construction and installation of crematorium furnaces for the human and pet cremation and incineration plants for the incineration of waste from hospitals, laboratories, graveyards, factories, slaughterhouses, veterinary clinics, etc.


All the plants both for human and pet cremation and for the incineration of hospital, urban and organic waste have an elegant design together to a high technology that allow you to respect all the restrictive emission laws and, in the meantime, to be one of the world leader in this sector.

Vezzani Forni Srl offers the clients that functional products, equipment and machines to meet all the needs of each single client able to adapt to each structure complying with the surrounding environment, the ethic and the moral through the use of the most modern technologies.

All our products are Made in Italy that is synonymous of quality, design and safety. Our goal is not easily the sale of the products offered but we want to assure the client a complete service starting from the inspection, study and planning of the plant to the building and the starting of itself and to the post-sale assistance and constant monitoring helping you with all the documentation necessary.

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