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Europe · Italy
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Promotec builds machines for sheet metal process with Laser , Plasma, Flame Cutting , Punching and Drilling , technology. Promotec have been installed hundreds machines in the world characterized by a high level of quality and technology.


Promotec was one of the first companies to develop a big size laser cutting machines in cooperation with the Prima Industrie (now renamed Prima Power ) with Maximo , and later with the Explorer , covering areas up to 5 meters in width and 60 meters length.

Promotec has created special systems Cutting and Punching in compliance with technical specifications sometimes at the limits of technology, the PX is currently being the largest punching machine, combined with drilling system ISO 50 and plasma cutting, having a wide operating range 3,000 mm wide and 15,000 mm length, without repositioning , with output power of 120 tons and accuracy over the entire operating range of 0.25 mm.

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Location: Europe, Italy

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