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Via Melaro, 11 - 36041 Alte di Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza)
Europe · Italy
  • printed circuit boards, pcb, circuit boards, multilayers
  • 1977
  • 40
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  • Sandro Pigato

Tecnomec Srl, founded in 1977, has a long experience in the manufacturing of electronic printed circuit boards. Tecnomec Srl produces pcb, multilayers, bilayers, flexible circuits, rigid circuits, rigid-flex circuits for electronic field.


Tecnomec srl has continuously grown over the years being able to avail itself of the best technology and skilled stuff, indispensable to grant a trusted product. In 1995 Tecnomec moved to the 5000 sq. Metre new premises where, at present, work about 40 skilled people.

The decisive factor of its growth has always been, and still is, the steady investment of capitol which enabled to renew machineries and production processes constantly. Tecnomec peculiarity is the uninterrupted search and developping of new processes and advanced technologies so that Tecnomec is always up to date and able to meet market requirements.

Flexibility has always been the strength of Tecnomec.That means to be in a position to satisfy any demand coming from any customer in a short time. All that owing to a complete integration of all the stages of the production system by means of engineering and manufacturing instruments.

The characteristics of Tecnomec is to produce small-medium series of PCBs, monolayers, double layers, multilayers flexibles and rigid-flexibles with blind and buried holes, blind milling, with any type of surface treatment and final protection and with certified electrical test.

Particular skill has been achieved in working special materials suitable for high frequency and temperatures.

Moreover Tecnomec srl. offer to their customers “pre and post” advice every time there are particular manufacturing problems or should they need out of standard products.

Market is highly competitive but we try to beat competition offering complex quality products and giving customers a valid assistance.


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