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Via Otto Sommer, 4 - 36075 Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza)
Europe · Italy
  • chemical products for the leather industry
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Sommer SpA produces chemical products for the leather field, contributing to the development and improvement of the tanning world, giving the market its passion and its typically German concreteness added to the very famous Italian creativeness.


A determined and well adapted staff is the fortune of a company that has progressively won worldwide markets, paying particular attention to the environment in the development of its products.

The company has a wide reange of products: Tops and Glazing Agents, Wax and Filer, Resins, Water Based Topcoats, Laquer Emulsions, Solvents, Stucchi, Repellents, Colorants.

The widely diversified and constantly renewed product range of the highest quality aims to meet all customers’ needs  and the requests due to fashion changes.

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Location: Europe, Italy

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