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Via Leonardo da Vinci, 8 - 35020 Legnaro (Padova)
Europe · Italy
  • self-adhesive tapes, packaging tapes, temperature resistance tapes
  • 1963
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NAR has been active in the business of self-adhesive tapes since 1963. All the items of the range are planned and manufactured in the company’s production sites.


NAR makes use of large-capacity and innovative production lines, for all the three major technologies in the manufacture of adhesive tapes.

Thanks to the consolidated know-how and to the continuous research and development activities, formulations are set up to ensure top and consistent quality products. Specific adhesive formulations are used to produce tapes which offer different performance characteristics to meet various requirements of adhesion, temperature resistance, ageing, mechanical and environmental stress.

The company produces Packaging Tapes, Maskin Tapes, Reinforced Tapes, Saturated Paper.

NAR products are traded in 80 countries.

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Location: Europe, Italy

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