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Via G. Galilei, 39 - 35035 Mestrino (Padova)
Europe ยท Italy
  • chemical products, solvents
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Multichimica produces chemical products and solvents in particular. Innovative facilities and state-of-the-art research labs guarantee high quality standards, fast service, and respect for the environment.


The company has developed a Quality Safety and Environment integrated management system that has been praised by the scientific and academic community, and has awakened the interest of prestigious companies.

In the past few years Multichimica has made consistent investments in technology.

Following some products available as:

Solvents (Recycled Acetone, Recycled Methylene Chloride, Quality Recycled Perchloroethylene, Nitro Base Mix),

Thinner (Nitro Thinner, Silicon Remover, White Spirit, Acrylic Thinner, Synthetic Thinner).

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Location: Europe, Italy

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