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  • 2012
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In 2012 Mondeo launches Water Island the Solar project aimed to the development and selling of complete pumping systems exclusively powered by photovoltaic panels: thanks to our technology, the solar water pumps can be feeded directly from the solar panels, without any batteries nor inverters, making the whole system very simple and cheap.


Established in 1986, Mondeo can proudly boast more than 50 years of experience in the fluid movement industry. In addition to the solar pumping systems, Mondeo manufactures a wide selection of products including valves, manifolds, flanges, and pipe fittings.

The Solar project rests upon the will to develop a radical innovation in water pumping by the use of totally renewable energy sources with accessible costs, making it available for the widest range of users, following the logic of a sustainable development, able to reconcile the needs of a company with those of the end users.

Water Island is a solar water pumping system consisting of photovoltaic panels, special brushless NdFeB water pumps and the electronic drive that is the heart of the system. Depending on the drive configuration choosen the system can work in stand-alone mode or in the hybrid mode connected to the grid.

The system consists of 4 simple components: high efficiency solar,  panels, the drive (controller), a synchronous motor, a pump for fluid movement. The Water Island system was designed by Mondeo in collaboration with leading experts in the field of applied research in clean energy technologies.


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