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Viale Austria, 13 - 35020 Ponte San Nicolò (Padova)
Europe · Italy
  • Synthetic Felt Pads, Swivel Bearings, Self-Adhesive Grip Strips, Rubber Door Buffers, PTFE Glides, Non Slip Mat For Kitchen Drawer
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The company is a manufacturer of adhesive felt pads and wool pads, rubber buffers, glides, adhesive hole covers and antislip-mats make up the standard production.


In addition Italfeltri Srl produces different materials: felt floor protector, synthetic felt pads, rubber, foams, polymers and biadhesives. It is also famous on the market for the ability to mould the materials into any size or shape thanks to modern and precise cutting technology, and make them adhesive with the most suitable glues, based on the requested application.

The company leads continual research on quality, with the use of excellent materials and the best equipment.

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Location: Europe, Italy

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