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Via S. Antonio, 113 - 35019 Tombolo (Padova)
Europe · Italy
  • thermosetting rigid polyurethane polymer foam
  • 2003
  • +39.049.5999233
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Eulithe is a young and dynamic company that has first patented and later launched a new rigid polyurethane foam as light support for stone materials and as a sandwich "core material".


Eulithe® is a thermosetting rigid polyurethane polymer foam, formulated with very special and sophisticated chemical compositions produced in big-sized blocks, having different densities and offered to the market cut in panels or sheets ofin different thickness.

The business targets are very ambitious and the owners aim at an incisive launch of products that can be used as light core and preformed articles for very sophisticated applications such as furnishing, kitchen tops, building, transport, naval industry, moulding, alternative energy.


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Location: Europe, Italy

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