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Via del Vetro, 13/15 - 30020 Marcon (Venezia)
Europe ยท Italy
  • flat gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, metal jacketed gaskets, kammprofile gaskets, ring joint gaskets, solid gaskets
  • 1986
  • +39.041.4568562
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Producer of sealing gaskets for refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants.


Over the years, CF Service s.r.l. diversified its production expanding its range of products from sealing gaskets for chemical and petrochemical industry to gaskes used for food industry or for drinkable water networks, from flat gaskets, asbestos free to spiral wound gaskets, metal or metal jacketed gaskets, ring joints, kammprofiles or sealing packings.

The company invests permanently in research and development in order to offer our customers modern and quality sealing solutions according to ISO 9001:2008.

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Location: Europe, Italy

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