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Via Cà Marzare, 3 - 36043 Camisano Vicentino (Vicenza)
Europe · Italy
  • toasted soybeans, protein rich meals, unrefined vegetable oils, lecithin, refined oil, pure vegetable oils, bio-diesel
  • 1983
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Cereal Docks is a 100% Italian company which operates within the national market since 1983 collecting, processing and transforming agricultural raw materials into goods valuable for the feed and the food industry. Cereal Docks is a link between the farmers and the agri-food industry.


Nowadays Cereal Docks is the main Italian industrial Group focused on the process of grains (wheat and corn) and oilseeds (soybean, rapeseed, sunflower) designed for human nutrition, feed industry, technical purposes as well as biofuel production. It is an accredited player at the Chicago Board of Trade, the world reference market for agricultural products. As a consequence of a working capacity of 1 million tons per year of raw agricultural materials, Cereal Docks has the highest collecting and stocking capacity in the Italian market (450,000 tons).

Moreover it is the bigger oilseed crusher in Italy, leader for meals and vegetable oils, with a total daily crushing capacity of more than 3.000 tons of seeds, partly produced within the same facility in Camisano Vicentino, the sole in Italy enclosing the whole process in one plant for an efficient and sustainable running, thus avoiding the transport among different plants.


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Location: Europe, Italy

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