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Solarexpo 2016

Environment, Civil Protection and Security

FIERA MILANO CITY - Milano - 3-5 May 2016

Merchandise Sectors
Renewables, Storage & Grid Technologies, Intelligent-Buildings, E-Mobility, Efficiency

An important acknowledgment of the pioneering role played by SOLAREXPO | THE INNOVATION CLOUD for the promotion of the new energy technologies and the culture of sustainability in Italy: being the inspiring event of the energy revolution brought about by renewables, smart technologies and efficiency, SOLAREXPO | THE INNOVATION CLOUD has been selected as one of the 100 national champions for 100 Italian Energy Stories.
The organisers launch a call to the Italian business community of PV and to all "sister and allied" technologies (from storage to smart grids, from intelligent buildings to e-mobility and energy efficiency) for joining forces to seek a stronger social and political consensus and recreate the necessary critical mass vis-à-vis the lobby of conventional energy generation and distribution.


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