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Lamiera 2017

Machinery, Machine tools and related technologies for industry

BOLOGNA FIERE - Bologna - 17-20 May 2017

Merchandise Sectors
Sheet metal forming machines, welding, cutting, and oxy cutting machines, bar, tube and section working machines, presses, blanking and punching machines, treatment finishing, components, accessories.

Fourth consumer market in the world and second in Europe, Italy praises LAMIERA as one of the most qualified international exhibitions related to the metal forming machine tools industry, and to all the technologies developed for the sheet metal working.
LAMIERA is the event of solutions capable of optimising the management of machines and processes, providing systems with dynamic performance and operating flexibility, making production innovation investments safer and more effective.
The B2B meetings with qualified foreign operators and users including the delegation from Mexico, the country of honour of the 2016 edition, will facilitate the contact between the exhibitors and the potential customers.

In 2014, the world’s production of metal forming machine tools came close to 20 billion euro, thus remaining on the same level as in the last year. With an 11% production increase, reaching 2,180 million euro, Italy confirmed its competence in the segment, strengthening its third position in the international ranking.


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