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Exhibition of Technologies for Water Treatment and Distribution Processes

BOLOGNA FIERE - Bologna - 19-21 October 2016

Merchandise Sectors:
GAS, Industrial Water Use, Integrated Urban Water Management

CH4 will discuss the progress made in CALLS FOR TENDER IN THE GAS MARKET and the work that is still to be done, exploring the key issues of this important sector restructuring operation in the company of leading representatives of all segments involved. The gas distribution system is undergoing a process of industrial restructuring that is leading to the creation of larger companies with more structured fields of operation. The experience of Italian companies may serve as an incentive for foreign companies that are developing the same technologies.
In the H2O INDUSTRY section are hosted suppliers and producers of technology, treatment systems, equipment and services devoted to water management in industry.
The meeting and discussion venue for the entire water services sector (H2O URBAN), where participants can discover the latest technologies, treatment systems, equipment and services for management of mains water, process water and wastewater for civil use.
Important contributions will also be made by universities and research institutes (CSSI, CSDU and the Universities of Bologna and Florence) on themes including leak detection techniques (from those based on pressure control to techniques using flow and pressure measurements at various nodes in the network), water supply methods in conditions of scarcity, methods for determining sustainability of specific forms of supply, and the latest strategies for managing initial rainwater. The scientific and technological aspects of monitoring, control of impact on reservoirs, and treatment methods will also be reviewed.

Website: http://www.accadueo.com

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