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Fiera del Levante 2016

Agro-food, Building, Machine Tools, Consumer Durables Industry Exhibition

FIERA DEL LEVANTE - Bari - 9-17 September 2017

Merchandise Sectors
Agro-food, Building, Machine Tools, Consumer Durables Industry

Fiera del Levante mainly operates in the Centre and South of Italy, but also in the South-East of Europe and in the Mediterranean area.
In total, about 2,000 Italian and foreign exhibitors take part every year in our events. The total number of visitors is about 500,000. The largest event remains the multi-sector trade fair held in September, which attracts about 800 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors.
Moreover, Fiera del Levante has been active in the congress industry for many years. Thanks to its twelve conference rooms of different size and accommodation. Bari as a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe: this is the message that Fiera del Levante is launching with its wide range of events destined to the world public, thus confirming its strategic economic role thanks to its geographical location and its ancient traditions which renovate and specialize over the years.


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