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International Technological Innovation in the Food Industry Exhibition

FIERA DI PARMA - Parma - 25-28 October 2022

Merchandise Sectors:
Processing technologies, from packaging to logistics, for all types of products such as Fruit and Vegetables, Milk and Dairy products, Meat and Seafood, Convenience Food & Fresh Cut, Bakery and Cereals by products, Ice cream and dessert, Coffee and Single Serve, Confectionery, Liquid Foods

Cibus Tec worldwide represents one of the main benchmark for technological innovation in the food Industry and a showcase of the best solutions present on the market.

Exhibitors product segments
• Processing
• Packaging
• Coding, Marking, Labelling
• End-of-line, Handling, Storage
• Traceability, Logistics
• Environmental Technologies
• Food Safety Solutions
• Automation
• Ancillary equipments and Components
• Ingredients
• Confectionery

The number of represented food production chains is no longer 10, but 11: the confectionery sector has been now been added. The number of exhibition pavilions has increased from four to five in order to meet the demand for participation by suppliers of technology for packaging, meat, bever-ages and bakery products. In addition, the incoming program is no longer expecting 3000 buyers, but rather, 3500 from over 70 countries.

Website: http://www.cibustec.it

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